Old Republic Coffee - Including shipping

Old Republic Coffee - Including shipping


1776 Medium blend - Our first blend, created to be the staple of Old Republic Coffee. Much like the 1776 is viewed as the staple year our republic began.

Valley Forge Dark Blend - Second line product in our coffee journey!! This is our Dark roast for you dark coffee lovers!

Highlander Grog Medium Blend - Early pioneers had limited supplies and would eventually mix items together to make things last; commonly known as grog. Highland grog is a mix of flavors including rum, and vanilla.

Tun Tavern Medium Blend - Named after the famous tavern where the Marines were founded. This roast includes over an ounce of real rye whiskey in every pound. We utilize StoneHouse Distillery out of Montana for the whiskey. This blend combines the natural bold smokey flavoring of the beans with the smooth taste of the whiskey in a unique experience. This product was tested and was found to contain untraceable amounts of alcohol.